Bitcoin mining equation

Wave network It is the first cBitcoin mining equationommunity-based exchange in the world. It gives back 100% net income of RMB handling fee and 15 million bobts owned by Bo net to the community, so as to realize co construction, CO governance, win-win and sharing with community users. Wave network integrates the transaction depth of each major platform, and the matching performance of single currency pair reaches 3 million transactions / second,

Index analysis: the market rebounded strongly after bitcoin went down to around 17600. From the hourly level, the market is running on the brin belt, MACD fast and slow line is divergent upward, and KDJ three line golden fork is divergent upward. Daily level market in the brin belt on the track operation, KDJ three line gold fork upward divergence, MACD short energy column contraction. Yesterday, the market maintained a range of 19000-19400. Since yesterday's shock, the market seems to have stabilized at 19000. On the whole, the market is in the horizontal recovery after the pull-up,

According to coindesk on November 18, genes is bringing its customizable 3D digital image into the flow blockchain through cooperation with dapper labs.

BIGone is an integrity, security, professional, win-win global blockchain digital asset custody and trading service platform. The platform has established a complete digital asset trading ecosystem, including spot trading, leverage trading, contract trading, financial management, lending, POS mining pool, decentralized trading service platform bigdex, digital asset Angel platform angelone, etc., to provide users with a full range of one-stop digital asset related services.

On November 18, at the filecoin plus governance meeting, the community discussed and gave suggestions on the storage of miners' data. The community suggested that miners should introduce more high-quality customers into the network and become filecoin Plus customers. In addition, miners should also consider showing their storage capacity and functions, providing encryption, quick retrieval and other functions and databases, as well as taking measures to get through customer data, including the creation of service terms and content tutorials. Filecoin plus is a program designed to build a decentralized and useful storage network, The results of the winning of the winter competition on November 14-15 of the usdt firm offer of the peBitcoin mining equationrpetual contract have been announced, with the highest single day contract user yield of 177.20% and the maximum profit of 5150.5792949095usdt. During the event, the transaction profit exceeds 100usdt, and the 1000gt Koi man prize lottery qualification will be automatically obtained. The top three users in a single day will enjoy double lucky draw qualification, and they will have the opportunity to win the prize.

Bruce Lee, a fan of microblog user BCH, wrote that many people said BCH always bifurcates, so the price is low. In fact, even if BCH does not have a bifurcation, the current market value ranking is at most fourth. BCH, which has experienced two bifurcations, now has a market value ranking of 4-5 most of the time. You can take a closer look at other mainstream currencies. Many of them are not forked, and there is no shortage of funds for development. Moreover, the development is very diligent, but the prices are still on the ground. So, in front of the big cycle of bull and bear markets,

According to btctimes on December 3, tdex, a non custodial BTC exchange, has released betadaemon to provide market makers on liquidnetwork with better tools to promote an efficient trading environment. Tdex intends to promote the development of the daemon network, in which market makers can connect and form a liquidity pool of asset pairs. At present, the number of l-btc is 2593. Since the summer, the figure has remained largely unchanged.

On December 9, the decentralized derivatives exchange, the intrusive protocol, officially announced that keep3r token would be launched on solsticev2. According to the news in the morning, the projective protocol has announced the launch of solstice v2. Note: keep3r is the latest experimental centralized job market network launched by yfi founder andrecronje.

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