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Sigma prime, lighthouse development team of Ethereum 2.0 clientEmail scam bitcoin, released lighthouse v1.0.3. This version solves the timeout problem of synchronous eth1 deposits. Officials expect this to be the final version of the main network and advise all users to update to it, especially those with timeout errors.

According to ambrypto on November 15, Brian Kerr, chief executive of kava, said in an interview that by the end of 2021, as a general topic, defi will surpass its initial hype stage. He added that there will still be some growth in specific areas, especially cross chain products, integration of defi and cefi, and derivative platforms. In addition, he believes that another major new development for defi in 2021 will be its integration with more traditional financial institutions.

according to Global trading data, as of 11:20 on December 12, BTC spot price was 18289.28 US dollars. After hitting the bottom of 17600 US dollars yesterday, it started a sustained rebound, but its strength was limited and it failed to break through yesterday's highest quotation. From the small time line, MACD index double line crossed last night and continued to diverge upward. Dif line has broken through the zero axis, and multi bar energy column is still strengthening. After a short adjustment, it may usher in a wave of upward market. Boll index upper track and middle track are both up warped, bell mouth slightly opened, multi army still has more advantages, but at present, K line is close to the upper track line, and there is a certain possibility of callback in the short term. However, it should be noted that in the past weekend, due to the rest of investment institutions, the trading volume was basically lower than that of the weekday, so the overall rebound rate may not be too large, and band arbitrage of grid trading can be considered within the day. On the contrary, the basic news shows that DBS will provide BTC and other 4 kinds of token trading services with Hong Kong dollar and other four kinds of French currency trading services next week, and the Singapore Stock Exchange will participate. It is a membership trading platform only for institutional investors and certified investors, which will undoubtedly make institutional investment more diversified. Offshore RMB can enter the trading market legally through Hong Kong dollar compliance Market, belongs to good news, if the follow-up market acceptance is higher, it may play a role in prompting and taking the lead for other commercial banks, and will remain bullish for a long time.

Third party failure Guarantee Fund: the platform will settle the user's loss due to the third-party network service failure and downtime.

2. The defi index of currency World Research Institute: dex133.67 (- 8%), derivatives 138.48 (- 8%), loan 152.42 (- 7%), prophecy 104.18 (- 5%).

Wave network Email scam bitcoinThe market showed that eth rose slightly, breaking through 460 usdt. 59usdt, up 1.61% in 24 hours. Today, 14 programs will be launched, including position management, trading strategy, hot spot analysis, new technology science popularization, analysis of the ideas of makers and other investment market analysis and entertainment interaction.

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