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Cobra is the holder of, which is also a very important reason for its reputation. Cobra has always liked to hide the true identity of an individual, and his words and actions are fickle and capricious. First, I claimed in August that I would develop a client. The BitcoinCash generated by the client developed by myself is the real BitcoinCash. The ones developed by ABC and NChain are all fake BitcoinCash that violate the consensus ofBitcoin Trader the community. As soon as this remark came out, many people in the community accused Cobra for hype. As expected, Cobra turned to support CSW and called BitcoinCashSVistherealBitcoinCash.

On October 12, 2009, 7 days after NewLibertyStandard provided the service, a user named MarttiMalmi on Twitter purchased 050 BTC from Sirius for $02 using PayPal on the platform. According to the calculation of the transaction at the time, the price of the first Bitcoin should be 0.0001 USD instead of 0.0025 USD on May 22, 2010.

Gath3r provides commercialized solutions for website operators. Its entire ecosystem is built on the basis of serving website and APP operators. This is also the entry point for its ecological launch. In order to build the ecosystem, Gath3r cooperated with Metalyfe under Aion. Metalyfe is a decentralized browser that focuses on security, privacy and data ownership.

Nevin Freeman, co-founder of Reserve, was interviewed by Cointelegraph in Angola. He is currently in Angola to discuss a realistic roadmap for the development of cryptocurrency with local banks and telecom operators. The preferred weapon will be a stablecoin backed by fiat currencies:

GUSD, as a stable currency endorsed by a US government agency’s credit, has a credit similar to the U.S. dollar. The use of GUSD does not require the help of banks and third-party banks. It only requires an ETH wallet and can be sent from GUSD from one address to another around the world. address.

In addition, Endemo also said that the use of tokens can reduce the unemployment rate. He also outlined the need to issue digital currencies equivalent to legal tender. ICT chief Bitcoin Tradersecretary Jerome Ochieng (Jerome Ochieng) said that the government will deal with the recommendations of the working group and formulate related policies.

Regarding the future direction of Bitcoin, he believes that the epidemic, halving and stable currency are one of the three leading factors. The liquidity of the epidemic is a long-term factor, the market halving is a short-term factor, and the issuance of stablecoins is a medium-term factor. The combination of these three factors determines the trend of the entire Bitcoin. Among them, he believes that at present, the driving factor of Bitcoin's price increase mainly depends on stable coins.

What is the future of Bitcoin? Is it digital gold? Or a peer-to-peer digital cash payment network? The author of this article, Mark Helfman, proposed that Bitcoin will become the basic settlement layer of the payment network in the future. It will integrate local legal currencies to form a global payment network.

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